Tuesday, April 5, 2011


Sorry I couldn't figure out how to get the pictures how I wanted! Oh well!

Hailee is getting a real kid! I don't know how I really feel about this. I mean she is my first and it is just so crazy watching her grow and learn. I love it but I hate it! I want to freeze time and keep as she is right now! Well I know that wont happen, so I am going to try and blog a little better so I can always remember my two crazy kiddos at these wonderful stages in their lives!!!

Hailee started a cute little pee wee soccer league yesterday and she did so good! She was very concentrated and was really trying hard. I think she was the only kid that didn't use her hands once! That's probably because Scott and I drilled "don't use your hand!" into her head yesterday before practice. Well it worked! We are really excited for the rest of the season!

Jeffry, what do I say about Jeffry? He is hilarious, crazy, intense and just so stinking cute! He still really loves baseball and still sleeps with all his baseball gear! I felt so bad at Hailee's practice because he just wanted to be out there so bad! I can't wait until he is three and we can start putting him in things as well. He is really starting to talk well and I can understand him most of the time! I love when he says "mama wook!" when he wants me to check something out! It is adorable! Jeff loves his big sister and wants her to play with him ALL the time. She is pretty good about playing with him as well, they love each other and that makes me happy. (although their playing turns into fighting most of the time!) I love these two kids and feel so blessed to be their mother!

Scott and I are going to Florida on Sunday for a six day vacation! I am soooooo excited and can not wait! Scott's mom and my mom are going to watch the kids for us while we are gone and we are so grateful! Scott won this trip through work which makes it even better because it is free!! It is perfect timing as well because our sixth anniversary is next month so this is how we are celebrating! I am so excited! Hopefully we will have some great pictures to share when we get back!


Nancy said...

so cute! love these pictures! love your kids! lia misses haileejeffheatho! hope no one else is sick, that's no fun!

Anonymous said...

Cute pictures! I hope you do better at blogging because I love to read it all. Have a great time in Florida and don't worry about those cute kids, I'll do my best! Ha,Ha, Love ya Mom

Paul said...

Great pics of your kids! Can't wait to see the pics from Florida. Scott is a hard worker and both of you deserve the trip. Paul M=)