Tuesday, April 5, 2011


Sorry I couldn't figure out how to get the pictures how I wanted! Oh well!

Hailee is getting a real kid! I don't know how I really feel about this. I mean she is my first and it is just so crazy watching her grow and learn. I love it but I hate it! I want to freeze time and keep as she is right now! Well I know that wont happen, so I am going to try and blog a little better so I can always remember my two crazy kiddos at these wonderful stages in their lives!!!

Hailee started a cute little pee wee soccer league yesterday and she did so good! She was very concentrated and was really trying hard. I think she was the only kid that didn't use her hands once! That's probably because Scott and I drilled "don't use your hand!" into her head yesterday before practice. Well it worked! We are really excited for the rest of the season!

Jeffry, what do I say about Jeffry? He is hilarious, crazy, intense and just so stinking cute! He still really loves baseball and still sleeps with all his baseball gear! I felt so bad at Hailee's practice because he just wanted to be out there so bad! I can't wait until he is three and we can start putting him in things as well. He is really starting to talk well and I can understand him most of the time! I love when he says "mama wook!" when he wants me to check something out! It is adorable! Jeff loves his big sister and wants her to play with him ALL the time. She is pretty good about playing with him as well, they love each other and that makes me happy. (although their playing turns into fighting most of the time!) I love these two kids and feel so blessed to be their mother!

Scott and I are going to Florida on Sunday for a six day vacation! I am soooooo excited and can not wait! Scott's mom and my mom are going to watch the kids for us while we are gone and we are so grateful! Scott won this trip through work which makes it even better because it is free!! It is perfect timing as well because our sixth anniversary is next month so this is how we are celebrating! I am so excited! Hopefully we will have some great pictures to share when we get back!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

It's Been Awhile!

So it has been a really long time since I have blogged and a lot has happened since my last post! First of all my little guy turned TWO years old! Which is so crazy! Here are a few pictures of him unwrapping some of his Birthday presents!.

And here he is with his Papa Jeff and his awesome baseball cake Grandma Booth made for him, which he LOVED so much! Now when ever he hears that it is someones birthday he says "baseball cake?" So cute!
It really turned out so cute! Thanks Grandma!

On Jeff's birthday we actually moved out of my parents house and back out to is good to have our own place, however, it was an adjustment after living with them for a year and a half.....I got really spoiled with having people around me constantly! I don't like to be alone so it was really nice! These next pictures are of the kiddos at my paretns house. I went to check on them one night before I went to bed and had to take pictures of them !

Hailee climbed out of bed and got her Makayla dollie to sleep with.........such a girl!!

And this is what Jeff sleeps with every night! If you look close his hand is actually in the glove!.........such a boy! (disregard the fact that he is sleeping with Hailee's Princess blanket......I made him his own baseball blanket for his birthday!)
With the move and the Holidays it was pretty things are calming down and we are adjusting well to the new hopelfully I will be a better blogger! Probably not though!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

The Birthday Girl!

Hailee is now 4 years old! That still seems so werid to me! I just can't believe she is getting so fun and so sad at the same time! Anyways, we had a little Birthday party for her and it was a lot of fun!
My Grandma Booth made Hailee this darling Ariel cake!

Hailee was thrilled!

Her cousin Kylie was there

Her cousin Kaiden was there!

Her friends Azure and Claire came!

Her cousin(s) Evan (Josh, Nick and Tyson) came!

Her auntie Ashely was there!

Cousin Lia came as well! They got to swim and play in the water!

Jeffry had a blast!

We had a Princess crown Pinata! Which cousin Tyson busted open with one swing!

They all decorated their own candy bags and had a blast putting the candy in them! Hailee got a ton of great presents and was in Heaven! It really was a great Birthday party and I am really glad that we did it! It was very simple and kind of thrown together but I think everyone had a great time! Thanks Janet for letting us use your home!

This last picture is of Hailee on her actual Birthday, in the Birthday outfit I bought her! My mom took us out to the Grove in Los Angeles where Hailee got to pick out a look a like American Girl Doll! She named her Makayla and she LOVES it! This is the only picture I got! Sadly, my camera died before I got more! Hailee really is loved! She is such a special girl and I feel so blessed to be her mother! I love you Hailee Rae!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Random Adventures!

So this is just a post of Random pictures that have been taken over the last month or so. The first couple are from this really cool park called Whitter Narrows Park. It is such a fun place! There are a bunch of little lakes and then some man made stream for the kids to play in...........super fun on a hot day! As you can tell the kids enjoyed themselves!

Hailee was being such a character! I swear she gets all her goofiness from her father!

These pictures are from the train at Victoria Gardens. Jeff loves it! Now everytime we go there he has to go on the train, its not too expensive so that is ok!

This Picture of Hailee was taken today on her first day of Preschool! This is her second year at preschool and she loves it! She is so funny she wanted to make sure that I was going to drop her off, she did not want me to stay with her at school! I was a little offended! But I think it's better then her crying because she doesn't want me to leave. So I guess it is a good thing, I am glad she likes it.

And last is a picture of Jeff on our friend Ethan Allred's bike! I thought it was so cute! He climbed up there all by himself and then Carol Ann put the helmet on you can tell he thought he looked pretty cool! Love that boy!

Friday, July 9, 2010

More pictures!

So I took the kids to get their pictures taken at JC Penny's because Jeffry just turned 18 months. This is the only cute picture we got of them together! After about 3 or 4 shots the lady's camera broke! We waited around for 45 mins. and by the time it was fixed Jeff was just done! I was a pretty bummed!
I tried hoping in the picture to see if Jeffry would sit with me, as you could see he wouldn't even do that! But I thought this one turned out pretty cute anyway, love that girl!

And this goofy one is pretty cute too! the little stinker! Of course he was half way decent when we brought out the basketball but not good enough to get a really good shot of him.

Hailee was very cooperative, good thing because I would have gone nuts if she was a stinker too! I don't know why I always think taking pictures is going to be fun! Because it is always just stressful! O well!

Monday, July 5, 2010

Norco with Grandpa Jeff!

Even though my dad no longer is the City Manager of Norco, every once in a while we go out there to check out the animals. The kids really enjoyed themselves!

Well Jeffry really only liked them if you were standing far away from them.

And Hailee was pretty darn scared of them too!

But we still had a good time!

Love Hailee's face in this one! P.S. I think I need a new camera, these pictures are hard to see because they are so blurry! I'll just add that onto the list of things we need! It's getting pretty long and expensive!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Funny Girl!

Ok so this picture is from my little brothers wedding two months ago and has nothing to do with this post but is soooo cute so I had to put it up! I figured since I posted about my little Jeffers last time that I would do a little post about my Hailee Rae! This girl just gets cuter and cuter everyday and I cannot believe how big she is getting! I love it and hate it! I want her to stay my sweet little girl forever! But it really is such a joy to watch her grow up! Anways, on to my story.

Hailee is a very girlie girl and is basically scared of everything!! With that in mind I will share a little conversation Hailee and I had at church a few weeks ago.
We were sitting in Sacrament meeting when the speaker said something about the Holy Ghost.
  • HAILEE: (with a very terrified look on her face) "Mommy I don't want to see the Holy Ghost!" (repeated several times)

  • ME: (trying not to laugh) "Hailee you are not going to see the Holy Ghost, plus he is our friend and helps us choose the right." (I can tell I am not getting through to her)

  • HAILEE:( drawing) "Mommy I will draw a picture of the Holy Ghost." (she draws a big blob)

  • ME: ( still trying not to laugh): "Ok"

  • HAILEE: (very serious) "Mommy the Holy Ghost has three eyes?"

  • ME: (REALLY trying not to laugh) "No honey He has two eyes, like us."

  • HAILEE: (still very serious) " I will give him three eyes."
So there you have it my three year old is TERRIFIED of the Holy Ghost!! I just hope she gets over it by the time she turns eight or we are in trouble! Got to love that girl!